The Wynn is a Win

So I’m sitting in the Vegas airport waiting for my plane to arrive so I can go home! This trip was a lot of fun, good food and the hotel was spectacular! I would advise anyone visiting Las Vegas to stay at the Wynn Hotel.

Can I tell you that I felt like a teenager with a crush as I walked through the fancy shops at the hotel. I stopped at Manolo Blahnik, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta and some other “ok” places (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm). Holy everything, if I could have a shopping spree anywhere in the world, it would be through this one hallway. Every single one of these shops were just perfection in the making. I can’t get over the creativity of the designers…and the prices. 🙂 My favorites were Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta. I noticed the dress in the Oscar window looked very similar to the dress Deborah Messing wore at the Oscars (?). I asked the shop girl, “Is this…?” and she finished my sentence for me, “…Yes, this is the dress Deborah Messing wore.” AAAGHHH! I can’t tell you how incredible it was up close. THEN, I found a fantastic dress in Alexander McQueen and it was only $6,100. (and this is when I left the store trying not to touch anything).

As far as the Vegas strip, it was entertaining. The money poured into this street is just unbelievable. You could have probably taken the proceeds from one of the casinos during a weekend and completely revamped New Orleans after Katrina. seriously.

I could have done without all the half-naked…and naked girls on the billboards, on the cards passed out on the street and those looking to score a suga’ daddy.

I went to see “Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular” and was it ever spectacular!!! Oh man, it delivered everything I thought it would and more. For these people to sing opera style and hit these notes is one thing—to sing these notes for an hour and a half is another!! That was the best thing I probably saw.

Then there were the friends that I ran into while I was there. And I don’t mean some chick I had a class with in college. One of my closest friends from AR (DARA) and her husband were there at the same time I was!!!! It was unreal. And since I was there by myself, it was perfect because we got to hang out.

There’s lots more, but I’m about to get on the plane so I can go home and see my boys! I missed Ollie, Crosby and Ingram so much. I don’t like being away so long. And I’ve got to leave again on Monday for a week. Sigh…oh well, I guess it’spart ofmy schedule right now.

Oh, and the conference on social media–well, that’s a whole ‘nother blog.


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  1. Abby said,

    March 9, 2008 at 1:07 am

    I am so glad you had fun! What a treat to be there as the same time as your friend! Have fun love’n on your boys in the big D tonight.

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