What Will We Do With a GIRL??

Yes, you heard correctly. We are having a little girl! I’m about four months along now and not showing. Well, I take that back. David and I see my new “gut” that I didn’t have before, but no one else can really see it. Maybe another month will make a difference.

We got a DVD with the little girl wiggling around in the tummy and waving to us. I’ll have to post the new picture where she looks like she’s smiling at us.

We are stuck on the name right now. I pretty much know the look of her room, but the name is a serious decision to make!

Any name suggestions????


Pregnant…just a little

I am now officially 10 weeks along in my pregnancy with our first little one. We are just so excited about this new adventure and feel like nine months is so long to wait! I’m glad, though, because we’ve got a lot to do to get ready for this child–like figure out how to be a parent. Yikes!

I’m not showing, but I do have a pooch that I notice. It’s probably because I’m having to eat every two hours. I really don’t like that. Hopefully I’ll start showing in a month or so. I’ll just keep wearing really tight fitting shirts so I can see my belly. 🙂 Ok, maybe not.

We are playing the name game at the moment trying to figure out what to name a girl, what to name a boy. That’s a big decision for that child! They could be the cool kid or the dork just because I think a name sounds good at the time. No pressure.

I hope the baby has dark hair, eyes and skin like David. And his long eye lashes. And chubby. I just love chubby babies. Maybe he/she could get chubby AFTER I deliver.

Here he/she is at 7 weeks and 4 days:

One Year Down!

It’s official. David and I have now crossed the one year mark of our marriage. And let me tell you, we had a couple of knock down drag outs, but it was all worth it! We had a lot of learning to do about each other and how we work. There is definitely a big difference in men and women–and now I see that more than ever. I can say, though, that my Ollie is such a great husband and takes care of me. He STILL cooks 99% of the time and the dinners are always first class. He just loves to do it and knows that food makes me really, really happy. 🙂 We talk two or three times during the day time and we’re at the point now where I can tell what mood he’s in as soon as he answers the phone. I think the biggest progress we’ve made is that we can laugh at each other. 

So for our anniversary he surprised me with a stay at the Sheraton, which the Westin built because they are always overbooked in Frisco. It was so nice to just lounge around in our room, have food brought to us and have clean sheets with no dog hair on them. (Sigh). It was a great night of sleep. 

The highlight was the gift he got me. I desperately needed a new Bible and he bought me one with my married name on it. AND, the outside cover is chocolate brown and the interior is Tiffany Blue!!! I don’t mean turquoise, I mean Tiffany. Blue. I was so surprised that he found it and he was so proud that he found it. (For those of you who don’t know, our wedding colors were chocolate brown and Tiffany blue).

It was a fantastic surprise and a great way to celebrate our one-year.

I love you, Ollie B.!!!

The Not-So-Hot Tub

For those of you who view me as a sophisticated, classy lady might not want to read this blog. It will probably change your view of me. 🙂

So I have been DYING to get a tan this summer the all natural way (it’s called the sun) and knew that i had a body of water in my backyard calling my name. the problem: the water was HOT and the temperature was around 90.

David and I cleaned out our hot tub and filled it with fresh, clean Texas water (oxymoron) and I blew up my $5.99 CVS orange raft and hopped in. The sun found me and left it’s mark. The trees will have to be trimmed back so my tan isn’t stifled, but that’s doable. What isn’t doable–or easily undone–is when the neighbors look over my fence and see me happily floating in my hot tub. We think they’re weird…and now they’ll think us insane.

Oh the neighborly love we’ll share…BTW, the hot tub is open 24/7 for anyone wanting to join me. The tub is limited to two rafts at a time, however. 🙂

I only WISH I had a picture to include with this one…

H&M Makes it Way South!

Ok, folks. If you are not familiar with the store H&M (short for Hennes & Mauritz), it’s probably because they haven’t had a location in the South. However, it has been announced that an H&M will be opening in Hot-lanta, Georgia! Granted, this is not next door to us, but it is getting closer! I would much rather take a trip to New York City so I could shop at H&M, but if I’m ever in Atlanta I’ll be making my way to their store, too! They have clothes, lingerie, etc. ranging from $6 to $60.

Bottom line: it’s fantastic. Ever heard of designers Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf or Karl Lagerfeld? Well, H&M will be one of the only stores in the South to carry their lines!

Who knows–maybe someday we’ll have Christian’s line available (hot tranny mess).

Poor Little Crawfish

Well, we did it. We had a little crawfish boil for our Care Group from church. It was a lot of fun and the food was outstanding (way to go, babe). I’ve never had crawfish before, and I wasn’t too sure about “sucking the head” either. Then i realized if I thought of it like lobster tail, it’s the same thing–just much, much smaller. Here’s a good shot of the spread we had. The crawfish was accompanied by potatoes, sausage and corn in a very spicy seasoning.



I’m sure we’ll do this again and I would suggest it to anyone wanting a very social, hands-on dinner party. I’m so proud of my Ollie and his cooking skills. He just gets better every day!

Oh! And I baked a cake called raspberry almonde torte that was delicious. I’m just a sucker for sweets, though!

10-Month Anniversary

10-month anniversaryYes, we’re still newlyweds…but not for much longer! Oh my gosh! Where did the time go? We just got married!

Here’s our latest picture. Yes, I need a tan and David has a farmer’s tan.


Another Name to the Book

Well, this is a good day.

My only niece, Anna Scott, called us on Sunday to announce that she accepted Jesus into her heart!! We were so excited and it felt like a rush of warmness flooded my heart.

She is the princess of the family and Ollie and I are the only shot of rocking her world by having the second girl. 🙂

I’ll go straight to the funny stuff. As she was meeting with the children’s minister and he was asking her all of these serious questions, her ADD kicked in. She asked, “So…is the water in the baptism warm or cold?” He said, “It’s warm.” To which she responded, “How warm is that?”

🙂 Oh, Scottie. I miss her so much.

Perfection Seeker

It’s only taken me 28 years to figure something out about me and how it relates to God.

I am Type A and strive to make everything perfect in my life. Perfect hair, perfect home, perfect work. is this a problem? Of course. Why? Because I have NO shot of being perfect. Not even on a good day. Because I am full of scars from my sins, which I somehow manage to repeat the same ones over and over again–you’d think I’d learn…

So my revelation is that the characteristic of perfection that I want so bad is exactly what the character of God displays to me on an hourly basis. You see, there’s no need for me to seek perfection, but there is a need for me to seek the Perfect Author of Creation. For all of the flaws and sorry traits I have, He makes up for. I don’t have enough strength to get through a financially-tough time—-but He does. I don’t have the patience to return to my stressful job tomorrow—-but He does. I don’t have the level of compassion for people that I should—but He does.

He is my ultimate, perfect source for all of my weaknesses AND my strengths. For whatever my strongest characteristic is, it could not look any wimpier compared to Him.  

2 Corinthians 12:9 (Whole Chapter)
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

The Wynn is a Win

So I’m sitting in the Vegas airport waiting for my plane to arrive so I can go home! This trip was a lot of fun, good food and the hotel was spectacular! I would advise anyone visiting Las Vegas to stay at the Wynn Hotel.

Can I tell you that I felt like a teenager with a crush as I walked through the fancy shops at the hotel. I stopped at Manolo Blahnik, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta and some other “ok” places (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm). Holy everything, if I could have a shopping spree anywhere in the world, it would be through this one hallway. Every single one of these shops were just perfection in the making. I can’t get over the creativity of the designers…and the prices. 🙂 My favorites were Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta. I noticed the dress in the Oscar window looked very similar to the dress Deborah Messing wore at the Oscars (?). I asked the shop girl, “Is this…?” and she finished my sentence for me, “…Yes, this is the dress Deborah Messing wore.” AAAGHHH! I can’t tell you how incredible it was up close. THEN, I found a fantastic dress in Alexander McQueen and it was only $6,100. (and this is when I left the store trying not to touch anything).

As far as the Vegas strip, it was entertaining. The money poured into this street is just unbelievable. You could have probably taken the proceeds from one of the casinos during a weekend and completely revamped New Orleans after Katrina. seriously.

I could have done without all the half-naked…and naked girls on the billboards, on the cards passed out on the street and those looking to score a suga’ daddy.

I went to see “Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular” and was it ever spectacular!!! Oh man, it delivered everything I thought it would and more. For these people to sing opera style and hit these notes is one thing—to sing these notes for an hour and a half is another!! That was the best thing I probably saw.

Then there were the friends that I ran into while I was there. And I don’t mean some chick I had a class with in college. One of my closest friends from AR (DARA) and her husband were there at the same time I was!!!! It was unreal. And since I was there by myself, it was perfect because we got to hang out.

There’s lots more, but I’m about to get on the plane so I can go home and see my boys! I missed Ollie, Crosby and Ingram so much. I don’t like being away so long. And I’ve got to leave again on Monday for a week. Sigh…oh well, I guess it’spart ofmy schedule right now.

Oh, and the conference on social media–well, that’s a whole ‘nother blog.

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